Thursday, January 30, 2014

A little something about me :)

Hi all!! My name is Alexandria and my major is nursing.  Leaving high school I had two things that I really wanted to do... (Nursing & Hairdressing) - yes both are very opposite but both require you to work very closely with people which was something I wanted to do.  I enrolled in Toni & Guy Hairdressing academy in Cranston, graduated in 2007 and entered the working world at age 17.  Hairdressing is something I love to do but slowly I began to want more. So now I'm here! 


I took women's studies and the state of worlds children for core requirements so I figured, why not learn about teens?!  I am excited and look forward to taking this class. The media is something that is taking over the world so I'm sure we will have great discussions every class!

See you next wednesday!! :)

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