Monday, April 28, 2014

Teens Talk Back

Teens Talk Back
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Happy last blog everyone!!!!! soooooo to begin....I have currently been researching for an hour and thirty two minutes and found this topic extremely hard to research.  I was trying to find something interesting and different to talk about other than our everyday topics but I wasn't as successful as I thought I was going to be.  Everything I am finding is teens talking back about how media affects their looks and health and also how adults view teens so I'm rolling with that... Here is a short video I found of teens speaking their minds about the media, they share with us the negative impact that media has on themselves and their peers and how that controls what society thinks of them.

One girl really caught my attention in this film.  she states, "I think people aren't really given the chance to act how they want to, because everyone is given a label but, we aren't cans of soup, we don't have a proper label" -- "I don't really want to conform to anything, I don't think a social norm is something to aspire to, I think everyone should have the chance to be an individual, because I am not the same as everyone else".

This YouTube film shows you that young teens hate the label that society automatically gives every single one of them, even though every teen lives a completely different life.  If one pregnant teen walked by an older person, that one girl will set a label from there on out for all teen girls to that person. Hormone-raging, sex crazy, drug abusing teen.  Teens feel as though adults look at them and judge them from their first look without giving them a chance to show who they really are.  Although some teens may really act the way some people label and view them doesn't mean every single person acts the same.  Teens today are dying in the inside to just set a knew path for themselves and to make the media look past all the stereotypes and labels that they have been given.

Watching this film and hearing these young girls speak about how they are viewed, I definitely felt some sort of guilt.  There has been times where I have seen a teenage girl and labeled her just by looking at her.  I don't know her story, I don't know what she goes through on an everyday basis, and I sure as hell probably acted the same exact way she was/did when I was her age.  Which reminds me of the Raby article, when one of the young girl states that she believes teens rebel because thats what society expects them to do.  I agree with that statement to a certain extent.  I was once that girl who rebelled because I was always being accused of doing things I wasn't....was it smart of me to do, no.  But I never got questioned again from my parents, and I also didnt repeat the action.

I am not saying teens rebelling is a good thing, but if its harmless and can teach a lesson to society and not automatically stamping labels -  than so be it.  

Here I have found a website, sort of  like a wikipedia but its called "unclyclopedia" about teenagers. This website literally gives a label for every aspect of a teens life....How does this website make you feel?? Any sympathy for the troubles of being a teen today??


  1. I know the guilt you are talking about because it is one I have felt before. I have been doing a great job at trying to rid these labels and to see people for who they truly are.
    I feel for the teens today and I am so glad I am not in high school right now!

    The almost wikipedia website is a bit weird... I don't understand it.

    nice post!

  2. Judgement is a huge aspect of our society. I also have tried to stop labeling others, and it is truly something very difficult to get rid of.

  3. Labeling is one of the biggest issues in bullying today. Tolerance seems to have gone out the window. So sad. Great links!

  4. I feel like we've all been there, though, in judging people on the way they look and present themselves. It's a hard habit to get out of, but I feel as though if you just recognize that you do it (you in general, not you specifically!) the easier it is to stop it.